On Stage at Leatherhead

On Stage at Leatherhead


Today’s Drama was at Leatherhead Theatre instead of the Bridge as we had a visit from some Engineers in the afternoon. The session was taken by Brandon and Karen In the morning we heard from some of the other Freewheelers about their performance at Losely Farm in Guildford the people who performed were the four ladies from Messages of Love and Hate – Rachel, Sam, Wendy and Anna. There was also a showing of the Trust Dance from Sonas and Anthony O Sullivan plus some films. They all said it went well despite the hot weather. There was only one showing as everyone wanted to watch the Germany V England World Cup match on a big screen.

We also heard about future presentations like a dance show at Epsom College on July 14th. We finished off the morning session with a drama game where you had to clap in turn with your eyes closed and guess when to clap this was an enjoyable game.

After lunch I welcomed the engineers to the Theatre and we split into groups. In my group were two of the engineers plus Luke and his carer, Soufiyan and Jamie. We talked about filming solar powered wheelchairs and a fully accessible theatre for people of all disabilities, the name of which was Theatre For All.

When the engineers had left we finished the day with more drama games.