Today in drama we had several visitors two prospective new members Poppy Fox and Nick Walenskii who both live near by and Michael a filmmaker from Arts Saves Lives.

We started off in the morning with our usual warm up and then greeted are guests. Michael from Arts Saves Lives then chatted about why he was there. He said that he was to make a film about three of the acts that performed at the Arts Saves Lives show in August and the the Freewheelers we one of them. He said that that will be about from 10- 30 seconds long each. We decided that our one will be set in a local library we do not know which one yet. The tutors who helped co ordinate the film were the choreographer Andrea and Brandon. We will do various movement in the library and then go back to normal as if nothing had happened the rehearsal took the rest of the morning we then had some lunch.

In the afternoon we continued the rehearsals for the film finally we went through the wartime cabinet scene from Messages of Love and Hate.