Olymic Visit

Olymic Visit

This a special blog about the Freewheelers trip to Olympic Park 2012.

The day started with Brandon coming to Hemmet House quite early in the morning as he was to be interviewed by Peter Messer about the day, with Sonas doing the camera work. There were some technical problems with the camera first thing, but I think they were solved later.

We left Hemmet at about 9am the others who came from there were Anna, Peter, Vince, Sonas, Sam, Stephen and Anthony Ogle the drivers were Sam (staff) and Phil the journey took about an hour and a half to the Olympic Park near Canary Park London when we arrived we met all the others including Wendy, Soufyan, Anthony O Sullivan and his Parents Jamie and his carer Andy Luke T with his both his mother and his carer, Susan, Andrea, Viv and her husband Bob, Sorry if I have forgotten anybody.

First of all we had our passports checked then we split into two groups and put onto two buses one Pink and one Blue. I was on the Pink one, We then had a guided tour of the site starting with the main Olympic Stadium and then going round the rest of the complex it was all very impressive although none of it is finished yet. the guide said it was a race between the Velo Park mainly used for Cycling and the Aquatics Centre for Water Sports like Swimming on which would be built first. The guide said her money was on the Velo Park to win. She also said the Aquatics Centre was in the shape of a Dorito Crisp and that both the Olympic Village and the Media Centre would have all the facilities of a large town as the people staying in them would do so for the all of the games. It was a really interesting tour.

Afterwards we went for lunch at View Tube cafe on the site this included Sandwiches with various filling, Crisps, Biscuits and Cakes. we then made our way back to the vehicles on the way Brandon filmed Sonas and Anthony O Sullivan doing a performance of Trust with a view of the main Olympic Stadium in the background we then continued to the vehicles and made our ways to our various homes after a tiring but enjoyable day.