Back to work

Back to work

Today was the first Drama since after the summer break. We had some visitors today – Louise a possible new volunteer, Rachel Barnett author of Your Call Is Important To Us and Messages of Love and Hate and Sharlott, Jamie’s new carer.

We started in the morning a run through of a new version of Messages of Love and Hate there were some changes but I am still Harry the soldier but I am now in Libya not Afghanistan. Next we did a new movement scene from the play in which we walked around and the froze and did different movements then was lunch break.

We will perform the play on October 20th and Leatherhead Theatre in the evening.

During the lunch break Viv told about a performance with English Touring Opera in In November at Leatherhead Theatre.

In the afternoon we continued with Messages of Love and Hate doing the scene with Ghosts bursting through a screen into the outside world. Next we the scene in which we are members of a Political Cabinet during a war this did involve all the cast but now only has some members as the rest of us our other characters. Rachel the author thought this would be less confusing for the audience. We finished with a Warm Down.

I enjoyed the session and I think the rest of the cast did as well.