Counting down to the performance

Counting down to the performance

On Saturday and Sunday we had a full run through of Messages of Love and Hate at the Bridge Youth Club both 10am -1pm.

On the Saturday it went well… my favourite scene being the one with the Ghosts trying to break through the latex screen using chairs and other items of furniture.

At the end of it all, as it was my 45th birthday, everybody sang Happy Birthday To You and we ate some Chocolate Cake brought by Brandon.

On the Sunday we again had a full run through which also went well. We did have to do the scene I said was my favourite on Saturday till the end. I enjoyed these rehearsals as did the others but some of us are tired.

There are more rehearsals on Monday at the normal times, Then Wednesday 10am to 5pm both of these are at the Bridge. And on Thursday there will be another rehearsal this time at Leatherhead Theatre starting at 10am ready for the show at the same venue that evening.