And the Message is – it was a great show!

And the Message is – it was a great show!

On Wednesday we all went the Leatherhead Theatre for about 10.30 ready for rehearsals. We were told by Viv due to problems we would not be starting till the afternoon so we chatted and later on I went out with Vince, Anthony Ogle and one of the volunteers to Costa Coffee I had a Fruit Juice. We then went back to the Theatre stopping at W H Smiths on the way. At the theatre we had our lunches

We started rehearsing at about 1pm and had full run through the play. then a short break. After which one Technical one getting as far as the Street Movement scene. We did the rest on Thursday.

On Thursday we arrived to 10am and then continued the Technical rehearsal from where we left of on Wednesday from Harry’s scene to his unborn daughter to the end of the play. We also sang Happy birthday to Vince who was 40 and then we had lunch.

In the afternoon we had a final Dress rehearsal which went well and then had some tea The Cambridge road gang went out to a local pub for Vinnie’s birthday. I will being going with them on Friday to Zizzies in Sutton.

In the evening we got ready at around 6.15 ready for the show at 7.45. I think it went well and I hope every else would agree. In the audience were former staff members at Dorincourt, Seams and his wife Emmy, most of the cast used to live there. Also there were Val and Gill from Cambridge Road. and Phil from Hemmet House and my Parents and other parents, they all liked the show.

We had a Question and Answer session after the show. Just before that we all sang happy birthday to Vince. When everything was finished we all went back to our homes after a tiring but enjoyable two days.

In conclusion I enjoyed the the show and think it went well and I hope the rest would agree.