Spirit Level Part One

Spirit Level Part One

On Thursday morning Anna, Peter, Anthony Ogle and myself went to the Bridge Youth Club in Leatherhead to do a Spirit Level Project. The others from the Monday group were Emma, Rachel. Wendy, Jamie, Luke H and Luke T. Plus Susan and Andrea. There was also Tim Yealland from English Touring Opera plus other people from the same group and some from the Tuesday Freewheelers group.

We started in the morning with some Warm Up games for getting to know each other. Next we were told some of the story of the show. It is about a mysterious man in a suit who appears out of the Sea, without speaking and communicates by drawing a picture of a White Stork in the sand. We then split into groups to be various people on a Beach. I was with Peter and we were a deaf couple. Then was Lunch.

In the afternoon we continued looking at the play by writing some songs about the Mystery man and the White Stork and then going into groups to take two words each from the song about the Stork and then doing an action with them. We finished the day with a Warm Down.

On Friday morning we again started with some Warm Up Games and then some Tongue Twisters’ organised by one of the Opera team. Then we had lunch.

In the afternoon we mainly wrote and composed some songs for the performance mainly about the White Stork, these included ones on how it’s Gliding through the Sky and guessing what sort of bird it is and myself as a professor says it is a White Stork or the latin name Cicconia. We also had a debate what to do with the Stork after tying it’s beak up with rope. Some wanted to be nice and other wanted to be horrid. I was with the nice group and suggested stroking it others said take it to a vet and look after it. The Horrid groups said things like Throwing it into the Sea, Killing it and Starving it. Plus loads more on both sides of the argument.

We finished with a Warm Down. I think the first two days have gone well.
This is Part one. Part two should be Thursday or Friday of Next week.