Spirit Level Part Two

Spirit Level Part Two

On Monday morning we continued with the Spirit Level project along with English National Ballet and English Touring Opera that was started last week.

First up was a quick Warm Up then we did some rehearsing from the Spirit Level project starting at the beginning with everyone coming on as characters on the beach.. Peter and I were a deaf couple. We also did a new scene with Luke H as the Mystery suited man as some of us as members of the press trying to find out who he was but with no luck. Then was lunch.

In the afternoon we all met together to talk about how the Mystery Man ended up in the sea and then being rescued by the Stork. We said he had an argument with his wife and went to the sea to throw their wedding ring in and in doing so fell in. We then rehearsed the argument scene in two groups as well as some others.

On Tuesday morning were rehearsals of various scenes then we had lunch.

In the afternoon we did the scenes in the right order this went well and we looked forward to Wednesday and the production itself.

On Wednesday we all went to The Leatherhead Theatre for about 10am ready for a full rehearsal starting at 10.30 this took about two hours due do various technical issues, then was lunch.

In the afternoon another rehearsal which went well then a few hors rest during which some of us including myself went out into Leatherhead to Costa Coffee then back to the Theatre for a Dress Rehearsal which went quite well. Then was some Tea.

At around 7.20 in the evening we got ready for the production itself which went really well. Among the audience were several parents and other audience members My mother came with her friend Henri and they said the really enjoyed it as did loads of others. We hope to do something together in the future perhaps sometime next year.

In conclusion I think we all enjoyed this experience and would all do it again.