Friday 23rd December blog

Friday 23rd December blog

Dear All

On Monday morning we started off by me singing Happy birthday to Brandon with help from the rest as it was his birthday on Sunday I then told the others of the story I had been writing to Brandon recently about Lord Upright and Grovling. This will be performed at a local stately home in the New Year cast to be confirmed nearer the time. Next Brandon mentioned he had been visiting a school in Dunfold for students with Autism the grounds are used for the filming of the car scenes of the television programme Top Gear. Our visitor was Graham who will supply the music for one of the scenes in the Steep Rain show. Jamie and his carer said they had asked Susan Boyle to be our patron and she said yes. This is not confirmed but we all hope it will happen? We then did the Steep Rain scene Graham is supplying the music for. It is the one with Anna holding a red umbrella journey being impeded by the rest of us with black ones. During this two more guest arrived Ellen an ex Freewheeler and Louise a former volunteer then was lunch we gave out Brandon’s birthday cake during the break.

In the afternoon we started with a Warm Up and then saw the group Portrait Pictures taken by Chris Crane and Eddie two weeks ago. We finished with a few more run through of the Steep Rain scene we did in the morning. In conclusion I enjoyed this week session and I hope the others did to.

May I wish you very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

From Andrew Marber.