News Year’s Greetings

News Year’s Greetings

Dear All

Today was the first drama session of 2012. Our visitor was Charlie. He is a drama Work experience volunteer. Graham who is supplying the music for the Umbrella scene in Steep Rain also visited.

We started with Brandon saying he and Chris Crane will be visiting Pinewood Studios on Wednesday in the hope we may use it in the future. He also mentioned we will be performing Your Call Is Important To Us at Farnham Moulting in the summer and also at the Albany Theatre as well. Anna and Anthony Ogle were not there today due to medical appointments. There is going to be Freewheelers film night at the Nomad Theatre in East Horsley on Feb 8th in the evening. Another item Brandon talked about was that Sam Francis the manager at Hemmet wil be doing the London Marathon for the group this April and there is a blog about it on our website. They said that the film version of Warhorse will be released soon and perhaps it would be a good idea to see it as quite a lot of the group saw the stage version. Andrea said she had been in contact with our Stage Manager Sarah and that she and her new husband Rod watched the DVD of when we recorded the song I’m Getting Married In The Morning from My Fair Lady and it made them cry. Then was a Warm Up. We finished the morning rehearsing the umbrella scene from Steep Rain with Anna holding a red umbrella making a journey being impeded by the rest of us with black ones. Then it was Lunch Break.

In the afternoon we did the same scene we did in the morning and a little bit further on. We finished the session by going through the whole of that scene. I enjoyed it today and I think the rest did as well.

From Andy M.