Monday’s Drama Rehersal.

Monday’s Drama Rehersal.

Dear All,

Today in Drama we had no visitors and Anna was not there as she was unwell.

We started with Brandon saying we would not be able to film at Pinewood Studios as our contacts there had left. He added he and Chris Crane would be seeing a lady called Fiona this week to make alternative arrangement concerning this. He then said we will be performing Your Call Is Important To Us (or Your Call for short) at the Albany Theatre in Deptford in October.

We then had a warm up after which we rehearsed Steep Rain for the rest of the morning with Chris Crane taking on Anne’s part as the red umbrella journey being impeded by the rest of us holding purple ones, we then had lunch.

In the afternoon we again rehearsed Steep Rain but with a new section with all of us propelling Chris as Anna with her red umbrella out of the building, this will be done using trick photography. We then did the whole of the film so far, I think there is more to follow. We finished the day by watching a film made by Brandon’s neighbour who can project films onto buildings. We enjoyed watching his work and hope to work with him in the future.

In conclusion I enjoyed today’s session and I hope everyone else did as well.