Monday’s Drama Session.

Monday’s Drama Session.

Dear All

On Monday morning Brandon started by saying that Chris Crane and himself went to a Post Recording studio in Soho London about Steep Rain. Next he mentioned that he had been chatting to the new manager of the Bridge Youth Club where drama takes place and we can now stay till 4pm instead of 3pm. I forgot to say that Sonas was not there as he was unwell and Soufyan was on holiday. Graham who provides the music for the umbrella scene in Steep Rain was there this week. Next Anna told us all that Vince and herself had auditioned Dancing for the Opening Ceremony for this years Olympics in London in the summer. Terry also said she hopes to be on BBC. Then Brandon showed us some flyers some were of Sam Francis running the London Marathon for the group on April 22nd and the others on Freewheelers Film night on Feb 8th at the Nomad Theatre. We rehearsed the Umbrella scene in Steep Rain this took till lunch.

In the afternoon Andrea, Chris Crane and Brandon filmed and recorded Anna Terys and Vince’s parts in Steep Rain and also Terry crying in close up her tears eventually turn into rain drops After that we had a quick Warm Down and finished up with Brandon giving out the flyers I mentioned earlier.

In conclusion I enjoyed the session today and I hope the others did to.

From Andy M.