Monday’s Drama Session and some fundraising projects.

Monday’s Drama Session and some fundraising projects.

Dear All

We started today’s drama by some of the group including myself having a look at a Banger Racing car brought by David Jamie’s carer to raise money for the group in a Banger Racing race in the summer. it was Yellow and Blue and had our logo on the front of it. The next item was having a visit from Mary and Helen who want our help with an Olympic project involving special Lighting effects being various types of trees Brandon then told of our Steep Rain production and asked could it be added to the performance, the ladies said it could. After that Viv said there was an article in the Leatherhead Advertiser on Sam Francis raising money for the Freewheelers in the London Marathon in April. We have also been invited to perform at a fete later in the year. Sonas then mentioned he is climbing Mount Snowdon in Wales in May and asked us to sponsor him we said we would. We finished the morning with most of group watching a film on Steep Rain so far. Whilst doing this Sam Keelan had a ride in the Banger car I talked about earlier she said she enjoyed it. The was lunch break during this a few of us had our photos taken next to the the Banger Racing Car.

In the afternoon we started with a Warm Up and then rehearsed the Steep Rain Umbrella scene. We then read through my Lord Upright and Grovling Monologue I had been sending to Brandon before Christmas. Everyone liked it but suggested some additional scenes I agreed with them. Brandon then asked if any of the others wanted to write anything most of them did so. We finished with watching a film on Messages Of Love and Hate.

In Conclusion I really enjoyed today’s session and I hope the others did as well.

From Andy M.