Monday’s Drama Session and the Freewheeler’s Slogan

Monday’s Drama Session and the Freewheeler’s Slogan

Dear All

We started this week by Brandon saying how well he thought Last Wednesday’s film night went at the Nomad Theatre in East Horsley, Jamie then said that he and Luke T had been to the Albany Theatre in Deptford to talk to young people there about the Freewheelers Articulate Project, he said it went well. Luke T also went to the Marriott Hotel in London last week and talked about the Freewheelers to them. Anthony O Sullivan then mentioned that Sonas and himself had performed the Trust dance at Guilford Cathedral last Thursday and that had gone down well. Sam K said he and his Aunt went and enjoyed it. Next David Jamie’s carer said that on the way back from the Albany Theatre Jamie and himself saw a in a local paper about a competition where you perform a wrap and win a prize we thought of doing one about the Freewheelers. We then had a Warm Up and rehearsed Steep Rain and Brandon said this will be performed at the Spectrum Leisure Centre in Guilford sometime in the future. Then it was Tea Break.

In the afternoon we started by meeting altogether to talk about if any of us are asked to talk about the group what we would say, we would start with our slogan :

The Freewheelers Theatre Company

Brings Together disabled and non-disabled actors, dancers, writers film makers, artists product team and the local community.

We use theatre and multimedia to create high quality and innovative work.

We Challenge barriers, rules and conceptions and perceptions.

We like to work Collaboratively to surprise people.

We will also mention our film other work we do.

We finished the session with a Work Down, I enjoyed today’s sessions and I hope the rest did as well

Sorry if I forgot anything.

From Andy M.