Our Film Night at the Nomad Theatre

Our Film Night at the Nomad Theatre

Dear All

On Wednesday night we had a film night at the Nomad Theatre. It started with myself saying a speech to various people in the Nomad Bar about the Freewheelers and we have been doing during last year and what we want to do this year. I also mentioned some of the films coming up during the evening. I think it went well. Brandon and Chris Crane also made speeches.

Some of the films were one about the show we did in the summer with English National Ballet and English Touring Opera called Spirit Level, various episodes of Shady Oakes about a fictional dodgy care home starring cast members, a Documentary on Peter Messer life and one on Messages of Love and Hare plus a few others. In the audience were Sam (client) Kate Stephen, Vicky and David from Hemmet and all the clients from Cambridge Road plus staff member Karen Sam Francis who is running the London Marathon for the the group in April was also there as well as various parents including my mum.

In conclusion I think it was a really enjoyable night and I think everyone else there will agree.

From Andy M.