Monday’ Drama Session

Monday’ Drama Session

Dear All

Today we started by singing Andrea Happy Birthday. Next Chris Crane said he went to a exhibition last week at Earls Court in London on all the latest camera technology he also said were a possibility of us filming Steep Rain at a studios in Milton Keynes sometime in the future Brandon then mentioned that the money we received recently could go towards some technical equipment to help with Steep Rain and other productions we may perform in the future After that he said he still hopes to project Steep Rain onto buildings, hopefully in the summer. He also said we hope to film, he is going to the Spectrum Leisure Centre this week with a view to filming Steep Rain there Then was a Warm Up followed by a few rehearsals of Steep Rain during which Siya a volunteer come for a visit. We then ate lunch.

For the most of the afternoon most of the group read through a wrap for for Find a Property Dot Com. If you win the competition you win some money. The wrap goes like this :

Four on i’m blessed bundle of joy and stress of trying to find a place that’s got a lot of space and big enough to build a creche.

And my wife got strange requests could have something to do with the cravings.

I’m somewhere spacious and not too ostentatious

I want the whole you kay at my finger tips and when i’m flicking through different places

So if your looking for a house or a flat with a brand new couch for your cat and you want it on your lap just check out the map on your app

Cos find a property got your back.

we did the in groups and on our own I think it went well

We finished with a Warm Down

In conclusion I think the day went well and I hope the rest would agree.

One piece of bad news I’m afraid David, Jamie’s carer, told us that Rolly our Banger Racing car unfortunately died over the weekend he hopes to get a replacement sometime in the future.

From Andy M.