Monday’s Drama Session

Monday’s Drama Session

Dear All

Today in drama there were a load of absentees Luke H and Andrea were unwell Chris Crane was busy and Jamie and Luke T were filming in Virginia Water for the Freewheelers for a local artist.

We started with Brandon mentioning about Luke T and Jamie doing the filming at Virginia Water which I have just written about.

Next Terri invited us all to her 50th birthday at Wallington on March 23rd. We all said we will try and come to it. Then Anna told us about her holiday in Tenerife last week she won an archery competition, she said she enjoyed the holiday with her mother. Anthony O Sullivan said he is in a Dressage Horse Riding competition. After that Brandon showed us some Green Material to be used in the Tuesday groups version of Romeo and Juliet at Leatherhead Theatre on April 26th the next item was a Warm Up followed by a few rehearsals of Steep Rain followed by lunch.

For most of the afternoon we went through the Find a Property Dot Com Rap we started last week. We finsished by watching Charlie Sheen on You Tube talking about his drug addiction which has been adapted into a rap by an American pop group.

In conclusion I really enjoyed today’s session and I hope the rest did to.

I am not here next week as I am skiing in France so there will probably not be a drama email for that week.

From Andy M.