Monday’s Drama Session

Monday’s Drama Session

Dear All,

Today in drama we were back at the Bridge Youth Club after last weeks filming at the Spectrum Centre Guilford.

We started with Brandon telling us he thought we all did well last last week at the Spectrum and we will watch the various films later. Next Andrea said she hopes that Anna and Vince could do a dance for a song Luke T sings during Messages of Love and Hate, this will be rehearsed later in the day. After that Brandon mentioned about the Play in a Week project during Easter for the group and asked if anyone wanted to help out with this, some of the group did including myself. Brandon then said he would like us to rehearse the Find a Property Dot Com rap this afternoon. We finished the morning by watching the various films done at Spectrum Centre last week then was Lunch Break when some of us watched the films from the Spectrum again on a larger screen.

In the afternoon most of us rehearsed the Find a Property Dot Com except for Anne and Vince who started rehearsing the dance to Luke T’s song from Messages of Love and Hate I mentioned earlier. We started inside and later moved outside during which Anna and Vince joined us. My line in the rap is Find a New House or Flat with an brand new couch for my Cat. This took nearly all afternoon I forgot to say Brandon asked us in the morning to get sponsors for Sam Francis running the London Marathon for us on April 22nd we said we would. We finished the day with Brandon mentioning that on May 21st, a Monday, a local learning disabled group are performing at Brighton as part of a festival and asked if any of us wanted to go we all said yes. I also forgot to say that Terry a member of the group is unwell at the moment we will send her a card next week. Some of the group also had CRB checks this week, mine will be sometime in the future.

Last but not least I enjoyed today’s session and I hope the rest did too.

From Andy M.