Today in Drama

Today in Drama

(this blog was written 17th April)

We started with Brandon talking about last week PIAW at Leatherhead Theatre; we said it went well and we all enjoyed it.

Next Brandon reminded us that Sam Francis is running in the London Marathon on Sunday for the Freewheelers and asked who would be going to cheer him on in this.

Then Brandon reminded us that the Tuesday group are performing Romeo and Juliet at The Nomad Theatre on April 26th and wondered who would be going. I cannot go as Sam K and I have a Scola course on that night.

Luke T told us he had been to a Conference last week and mentioned the Freewheelers to them and that someone there said that might like to help be a volunteer for us. Terry had also mentioned us to Chambers of Commerce meeting she had been to.

Brandon told us that Rachel Barnett is coming next week to talk about touring her play Your Call Is Important To Us then he said we may have a look at the Find a Property Dot Com rap we did a couple of weeks ago.

We have also purchased some equipment for the group to help out on the technical front and with future productions. Then saw some films by Chris Crane on previous productions and also one on Steep Rain at Spectrum Centre in Guilford – this is to get help from professionals in different aspects of drama. Then we watched the Find a Property Dot Com rap and shots of last week. Then we had lunch.

In the afternoon we watched some films which were meant to be Dance based and we had to decide if they were or not. The first was called Snow, then Night Practice and lastly Hands. We then went back to Hemmet with Sam (staff).