Today in drama

Today in drama

Dear All

This week our visitor was Rachel Barnett, author of Your Call Is Important To Us. Stephen was not there as he was away with his parents.

We started with Brandon talking about Sam Francis the manager at Hemmet running in the London Marathon for the Freewheelers on Sunday and that some of the group went to support him with this.  Next Brandon mentioned that he hopes we can perform Steep Rain at the National Theatre on September 1st.  After that he reminded us that the Tuesday group will be performing Romeo and Juliet at The Nomad Theatre this Thursday April 26th, starting at 7pm. The next item he discussed was that himself, Chris Crane and Pippa are all going to Fetcham House – a possible location for the filming of my play, Lord Upright and Grovling.  Luke T said he had been to see Titanic the Musical at Epsom Playhouse last week and enjoyed it. Soufyan had also been, and liked it as well. Then we saw the promotional film for Steep Rain filmed at the Spectrum Centre in Guildford in March.  We finished the morning with a full run through of Rachel’s play Your Call Is Important To Us. Then we ate lunch.  During this, Rachel had a meeting with Andrea and Brandon about some changes to her play – she will send them to us when she has written them.

In the afternoon we started with Steep Rain, with several changes from the original.  We finally performed my play Lord Upright and Grovling in pairs or threes. I was with Terry and Luke T.  In conclusion I enjoyed it this week and I hope the rest will agree.

From Andy M.