Lots of things to look forwards to…

Lots of things to look forwards to…

Dear All

In drama today there were no visitors, and those not there were Sam, Sonas (in the morning) Luke H, Pip and her daughter Jess.

We started with Brandon telling us we will need to rehearse both Your Call and Steep Rain during the day. Then he said we have been invited to perform in Trafalgar Square in London on August 29th. We are not sure what we will do, but it will probably be some of our films plus some live shows. Viv said we have also been asked to Aylesbury on the same day, so someone will bring some films for that occasion.

Next Anthony Ogle said he will be leaving us in September, as he is finding it too much. I then read from the Cultural Olympiad South East brochure; it has a picture of Sonas and Anthony O’Sullivan performing Trust with an article about it as well, and one on Steep Rain. We then rehearsed Steep Rain and Your Call, including a new dance section. Then it was lunch break.

In the afternoon we did more Your Call rehearsals. Lastly Viv told us of some events coming up: the Dance and Film night at Epsom College on July 12th, the filming of Steep Rain at the Spectrum Centre, Guilford, on July 18th and 19th, and the following day we will watch Anna and Vince dance to Luke T’s song from Your Call. I really enjoyed it today, and I hope the rest did as well.

from Andy M