Rehearsing, planning and saying goodbye to a valued Freewheeler

Rehearsing, planning and saying goodbye to a valued Freewheeler

Dear All
Today in drama our visitor was Jamee, a possible volunteer. Those not there were Emma, Anthony Ogle, Luke H, Pip and Jess.

We started with Brandon talking about last Thursday’s Film and Dance night at Epsom College. Susan, Andrea and himself all said it went well; we all agreed. Then Brandon said that we will be touring Your Call Is Important To Us next year, with our own equipment.

Luke T then said his Rock Choir sang in Shopping Centres, and it went well, and they got booking from it. Susan mentioned she had some positive comments from the Freewheelers Campaign Film on Thursday.  Chris Haydon discussed future plans: he hoped we could appear on the BBC in the future.

Soufyan then asked about the filming of Steep Rain at the Spectrum Centre in Guildford as we did not get the money to do it this week; we hope to so in the future. Then Brandon told us about some of the group appearing in Trafalgar Square on August 29th.

Next, Chris Haydon chatted again about some things he hoped we would like to do: the first one, a recreation of the chariot scene from Ben Hur, and also something based on the life story of Nelson Mandela. Terry said we could something about triumph over adversity. Luke T said he had technical problems with his song You’re Gonna Fly, from Your Call, that Anna and Vince danced to.

Then we talked about plans for Lord Upright and Grovling, this will be a film at a local stately home, perhaps Fetcham Manor.

Eddie, our photographer, said he had a chocolate cheesecake cake for Anthony Ogle, who is leaving us, although he was not there today. We had lunch break, during which we ate the chocolate cheesecake as we thought of Anthony! Susan gave some to Stephen to take back for him.

In the afternoon, we heard from Viv that a friend of volunteer Diane was 70 over the weekend, and instead of presents they wanted to give money to a local charity. Diane suggested the Freewheelers, and we have been given £250! We then rehearsed Your Call, from the scene which Luke T sings You’re Gonna Fly, followed by the rest of the show.

Finally, Viv said not everyone could go to Stoke Park on Friday due to ticket problems; it can only be the performers, helpers and myself – as I had been a loyal member since the group started. I was pleased.

In conclusion, I enjoyed today’s action-packed session and I hope the rest did as well.

From Andy M.