The Olympic Torch Relay in Guildford

The Olympic Torch Relay in Guildford

Dear All

Yesterday (Friday 20 July) I went to Stoke Park Guildford with Anna, Peter and Sonas from Cambridge Road – we were driven in their vehicle by staff member Gill.

When we arrived we met fellow members including Terri,  Luke Tye and Anthony O’Sullivan and assistants Susan and Lukes mum Liz.   We then went into the grounds and met up with Brandon and Andrea as well as our marketing person Gillian Allmark.

Then we got ready to watch the performances, including some people from the Orpheus Centre in Godstone, where I have performed in the past.  The Freewheelers the performed ‘Colours’, involving several cast members, and Luke Tye sang ‘You’re Gonna Fly’ from Your Call Is Important to us.  Later on, Anthony and Sonas performed ‘Trust’ on a different stage, and we then had lunch and chatted.

In the early evening we went to explore the rest of the grounds. I went with Brandon – he took a Video camera with him, and we saw items on the Main stage like Twist and Pulse from Britain’s Got Talent, and then headed back to our base to get ready to see the Olympic Torch Relay. This was exciting as everyone cheered when they saw the torch. I then went to watch the last showing of ‘Trust’ and on the way Peter got stuck in his wheelchair in some straw – I said “that is the final straw” and everyone laughed! After ‘Trust’ we all made our way back to the car park to go home after an enjoyable and tiring day.

Andrew Marber.