A Play in a Week – Day 2

A Play in a Week – Day 2

Dear All

Today was day 2 of the Play in a Week called ‘Openings’.

We started with a Warm Up taken by Brandon, then a scene on Page 12 involving characters like soldiers, market traders, buskers, tourists, business ladies, joggers and a bus driver. Then we sang the song from the show ‘Open The Window’ along with ‘Hey Jude’ by the Beatles before our lunch break.

In the afternoon we started by singing another song from the show ‘Tuna Oh Tuna’ about the problems of opening a tin of tuna! Then we rehearsed the scene which goes with the Tuna song – I will not say any more in case any of you come and see the show!  Next Luke T and Anna sang a love song from the show. We finished with a cool down.

Next part to follow tomorrow.

From Andy M.