Day 1 of A Play in a Week at The Nomads

Day 1 of A Play in a Week at The Nomads

Dear All

Today Monday I went to the first day of Play in a Week – or PIAW for short – at the Nomad Theatre, East Horsley, Surrey.

I went to this event with Anna, Vince and Sonas from Cambridge Road in their vehicle. We were driven by staff member Gill.

The title of the Play was ‘Openings’ written by Rachel Barnett author of ‘Your Call Is Important To Us’ and ‘Messages of Love and Hate’. It is about people being stuck in a lift on the way to the Opening Ceremony of this year’s Olympics in London, which start this Friday. Whilst there, the people in the lift think about the little things in life.

Those taking part in the play included fellow Freewheelers Terri and Luke T,  Brandon and Andrea, Rachel Barnett of course and our Musician Jay. Also, Anthony O’Sullivan is helping on the technical side with Sonas, and Vince is assisting backstage and assisting cast members with their lines. Also involved are Nomad members, and some ladies from See Ability in Leatherhead.

We started the day with a warm up taken Brandon,  Then a call and response exercise by Rachel. Next, Brandon gave out the scripts then we read as far as Page 14 before a break, after which we continued the play till the end, followed by a lunch break.

In the afternoon, we started by singing the opening song Opening Ceremony first of all all together, then some cast members sang the verses and a bit of the choruses between them.  We also sang the song with actions and in groups in the colours of the Olympic Rings – Blue, Black, Red, Yellow and Green. I was in the Red group with four others. Next, Brandon told us the cast list – I am Francis Drake in a history scene.  Finally there was a cool down.

More to follow tomorrow.

Andy M.