Day 3 – Play in a Week

Day 3 – Play in a Week

Dear All

Today I went to Day 3 of PIAW at the Nomad Theatre with Sam (client) and from Cambridge Road, Anna, Vince and Sonas. We met the rest of the cast there.

We started with a warm up taken by Brandon and Andrea. Then we sang the opening ceremony song, and after that I went to a room upstairs in the theatre to record my voice as my character Francis Drake in the Historical  scene. Then I went downstairs to join the others to sing some of songs from the show – ‘Open the Window’ and ‘Open Up Shop’ which we did with Mathew James as the owner of a General Store, who raps all about it with some female cast members dancing with him.   The rest of us sung the chorus and then we had lunch break.

In the afternoon we started by being placed in the seats we will sit when not on stage, then some cast members sung ‘a Belly Button’ on Page 14. We also rehearsed my scene  as Francis Drake with other characters Florence Nightingale,   Arch Duke Ferdinand and Francis of Assisi. We finished with a cool down, and Andrea’s son Alex, who had come in to watch, joined in with the cool down at the end.

More to follow tomorrow.

Andy M.