Day 4 of A Play in a Week

Day 4 of A Play in a Week

Dear All

Today was day 4 of PIAW – ‘Openings’ at the Nomad Theatre in East Horsley.

We started as normal we a warm up taken by Brandon. Then we sang the first song ‘Opening Ceremony’ followed by the scene in the lift just before the Finale when we all sing ‘Opening Ceremony’ again. After a break we did a run through getting to the ‘Opening a Love Letter’ song on Page 10.  Then it was lunch time.

In the afternoon, we had another run through of the play, this time getting to the hip hop song on Page 16. We will do the rest tomorrow, followed by another full rehearsal of the whole show.

I think the week is going well so far and I hope everyone else agrees.

Andy M.