Day 5 of Play in a week

Day 5 of Play in a week

Dear All

Today was day 5 of PIAW ‘Openings’ at the Nomad Theatre East Horsley.

We started in the morning with everyone ringing bells to welcome the beginning of the day’s celebration of the Olympics Opening Ceremony later tonight. Then we continued the play from where we left off yesterday from page 18 to then end. Next a quick break for food and drinks. After that we heard the ‘Belly Button Lullaby’ song on Page 14, followed by some other songs like ‘Hip Hop Shop’, ‘Tuna Oh Tuna’, ‘Open A Window’ and ‘Opening Ceremony’. Then we had a lunch break.

In the afternoon we did a full run through the play. We were told it went really well. There will be a final rehearsal tomorrow afternoon and in the evening the first performance and then on Sunday afternoon the second.

I will send a review of both of these sometime on Sunday evening.

Andy M.