Final report from A Play in a Week – days 6 & 7

Final report from A Play in a Week – days 6 & 7

Dear All

Here is my review of days 6 and 7 of PIAW at the Nomad Theatre, East Horsley.

On Saturday day 6 we did not come until the afternoon. I went with  Sam (client) and from Cambridge Road, Anna and Vince, as Sonas had gone earlier to perform the Trust dance with Anthony O’Sullivan in Leatherhead Town Centre. Our driver was Sam (staff) – we went a different way due to the men’s Olympic Cycling Race coming past the Theatre.

We started a full dress rehearsal at around 3.15 – it went quite well. We then had tea and chatted for a couple of hours until 6pm, when we got ready for the first performance of ‘Openings’. Terri was in the ‘Tuna Oh Tuna’ song; Luke Tye was a younger version of one the characters in the lift – Bob, who was remembering going on picnic with his girlfriend – he sang the song ‘Opening a Love Letter’. Luke was also a busker in another scene. Sam was Fred, one of characters stuck in the lift on the way to the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics In London. I was Frances Drake in the history scene. Anthony O Sullivan and Sonas helped with technical matters and Vince was in the audience.

The show went well. Amongst the audience were my mum and dad and Henri – they all liked it, as  did other audience members.  David and his wife Christine came too. My mum gave me some money and shorts I was grateful to her for them. Later David drove us back to Hemmet in our vehicle, dropping the Cambridge road guys on the way after a tiring and enjoyable day.

On Day 7 – the last day of PIAW – the performance of ‘Openings’ was in the afternoon starting at 3.30. I went with Sam (client) and from Cambridge Road, Anna and Sonas. Our driver was Phil.  I think it went well and the audience seemed to enjoy it.  After the performance I bought a J20 juice and chatted to audience members. Later, Phil drove us back to Hemmet again dropping the Cambridge Road crew on the way after a very enjoyable and tiring week.

Andy M