A week of rehearsals for Your Call Is Important to Us – Part 1

A week of rehearsals for Your Call Is Important to Us – Part 1

This week is an intensive week of rehearsal for the forthcoming production of Your Call Is Important To Us. Andy Marber reports from rehearsals…


Today was the first drama rehearsal after the summer break at the Bridge Youth Club, Leatherhead.  Our Visitors were Diane, our Audio Describer and Andrea’s son Alex.  Those not there were Anthony O’Sullivan.

We started with Brandon saying he been to the Paralympics last week and watched the discus, won by an Athlete from Wales. Terri and Sonas also attended the Olympics earlier in the summer, and both enjoyed it.  Jamie told us all about his role in the opening ceremony of the Paralympics – he showed off his certificate to us, as well as his costume and some pictures. We were all impressed. As I think I have said before he was in a band which played the Ian Dury song Spacticus Audicticus along with with my ex school friend John Kelly.

Brandon also mentioned Saturday’s screenings of the the films Trust and Steep Rain at The National Theatre – he said it went well and we all agreed. Then Wendy said she had been to some meetings on Disability at Dorincourt, and Terri said that she has some pictures at a gallery near her home about the Paralympics.

Then we started with rehearsals, starting from the scene where Luke T sings his Your Goanna Fly. Brandon said Emma will not be coming any more as she will be starting college soon so Wendy will take her place as the lover. One of the scenes was a new one, and this took until lunch. During the break I saw the Freewheelers’ screening of Steep Rain mentioned in the National Theatre programme.

In the afternoon we did more rehearsals, including another new scene.

I enjoyed the first day and I think and hope the others did to.


Today was Day 2 of our Your Call rehearsals. Everyone came and our only visitor was Sarah Thomas from the Nomad Theatre although she was visiting some different people in the afternoon.

We started with rehearsing from Page 5, with the Call Phone Workers to Page 6, the scene with Luke T singing his song Your Gonna Fly. This took us until lunch break.

In the afternoon we then did some scenes in more detail, then a quick tea break, after which we did started again from Page 5. We worked on another scene, wher the call centre workers are dreaming of what they would like to do if they were not doing the job they are doing, as they find it boring and their boss – played by Jamie – is not very nice.

I enjoyed it today and I hope the rest did too. Part 3 to follow tomorrow, when we are at Leatherhead Theatre for the rest of the week.


Today our rehearsals were at Leathered Theatre instead of the Bridge. Sam K was not there as it was her review.

We rehearsed from the start up to page 8 before lunch. In the afternoon we continued to the end of the play and finally went through Luke T’s song Your Gonna Fly. I think it all went well – I hope the rest of the cast agree.


Those not there today were Peter, as he is getting ready for his holiday tomorrow.  Our Visitors were Sarah, our Stage Manager,  John,  Assistant  Stage Manager and Muir on Lighting.

We started with a full run through which took all morning.

In the afternoon another run through from start to end then one more full one all the way through which was timed it to around forty minutes. Then we had a drink break and finally another timed rehearsal.

I enjoyed it today and hope the rest did as well.