Rehearsing and planning, as usual!

Rehearsing and planning, as usual!

Dear All

Today in drama our visitor was Graham, who is a musician, and has helped with Your Call in the past. The only person not there was Anthony O’Sullivan, who had an appointment.

We started with Brandon telling Dan (who is recently new to the Monday group) about Your Call, and he said we will have a full rehearsal later today. Then Andrea mentioned that next Tuesday’s drama will be at Leatherhead Theatre, rehearsing the Africa dance and Steep Rain. Andrea also said there will be a Freewheelers Trust Disability Workshop with Rachel, Sonas, Anna and Anthony at St Peter’s School in Ashtead on 18th March.

Next, Soufyan suggested we do a Beatles Musical after the Easter break; we thought that could be a good idea.

Then Brandon said he thought we might like to go to the Brighton Festival in the future. We then rehearsed Your Call from the start up to page 5 for the benefit of Dan; then Dan chatted to Viv – we may see him later. Then we had lunch.

In the afternoon, we continued Your Call from page 5 to the end; I think Dan understood and liked it, then we had a ten minute break.

Finally we had a discussion about performing stories with objects on the benches near The Bridge Youth Club. We did this when we first moved to The Bridge from Dorin Court; the objects included a walking stick, a golf club, a baby’s rattle and a spray can, plus others; they were all designed by the Fire and Iron Gallery nearby.

In conclusion, I thought it went well today, and I think the rest would agree.

Andy M.