Daisy Festival coming up

Daisy Festival coming up

Dear All

In drama this week our visitor was Darren, who came near the end of the session; he will help with technical problems. Stephen was not there; he is on a cruise with his parents and other family members.

We started with Brandon saying we will rehearse Your Call later today; then he said the Trust dance will be performed again sometime soon. Then, on the same subject, Brandon told us that he needs some commentary on the workshops on the Trust dance, about disability awareness; he said the Steep Rain dance will be involved as well.

Next, Brandon said that the Play In A Week we did at Leatherhead Theatre, called Day Trip, is to be performed again at Guildford College this Wednesday. He also told us that he went to a show with his young son Sebastian and hoped we may do something similar in the future.

Brandon checked who would be helping out next week for the Daisy Drama Festival on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. There will be a full rehearsal of Your Call on Wednesday April 24th, with the performance the following Saturday, April 27th. A dance called Africa will be shown on Friday April 26th; all this is at Leatherhead Theatre.

It was then lunch; during the break I was filmed doing a commentary for the Trust Dance Workshops.

In the afternoon we watched a film on the Trust Dance Workshops; I then did some more commentary for it. I really enjoyed today and I hope the rest did as well.

From Andy M.