The Freewheelers are chosen charity for film preview!

The Freewheelers are chosen charity for film preview!

Dear All

After Monday drama, Viv and I went to my mother’s home ready to be driven to a Film Premiere in London in which The Freewheelers were the chosen charity.

When we got to my mum’s house, we chatted for a while, then ate some supper, after which we got changed for the film preview. We left my mother’s home around 5.45pm, and drove to the de Lane Lea Film Studios in Dean Street, Soho, where the screening was taking place. Later on Viv, my mum and myself chatted about The Freewheelers, and what we do, and that we would like some money and a patron. People there said they enjoyed what we said.

Later we watched the film called Love Is All You Need; it starred Piers Brosnan and was quite good. We then went back to my mother’s home, and Viv drove on to her house.

I think the evening went well and I hope we benefit from it.

Andy M.