Getting ready for the Daisy Festival

Getting ready for the Daisy Festival

Dear All

Today in drama we had no visitors and everyone was there. We started in the morning with Brandon telling us about the filming of Your Call on Wednesday from 10am to around 8pm at Leatherhead Theatre.

Then Andrea said there will be rehearsals of Steep Rain and the Africa dance from 10am to 1pm also at Leatherhead Theatre. Next Brandon told us that John Kelly, the Artistic Director of the Daisy Festival (in which we are performing this week) is a school friend of his. He has offered to introduce some or all of the Freewheelers productions; we said we will not need him for Your Call, but will for Steep Rain, the Africa dance and for Luke Tye’s own piece.

Next Viv and I told the rest of group about our visit last week with my mother to see the preview of the film Love Is All You Need with Piers Brosnan (for which The Freewheelers were the chosen charity), and that Nimax Films had offered practical help. We said we would be glad to use the expertise and other matters.

Viv then said what will happen this Saturday when we perform Your Call at the Leatherhead Festival. She said could we come off stage quickly afterwards, as other acts are also performing that night. We will stay in our costumes and watch the rest of the entertainment, and take the costumes to our homes and return them to drama on the following Monday at the Bridge.

Next was a full rehearsal of Your Call without costumes; then was lunch.

In the afternoon, we changed into the Your Call outfits, and had another full rehearsal, and then, last but not least, changed back into our normal clothes. I think today was exhausting but enjoyable, and I hope everyone else would agree.

From Andy M.