Freewheelers take part in DAiSY Festival

Freewheelers take part in DAiSY Festival

Dear All

On Saturday, the Freewheelers performed Your Call at Leatherhead Theatre as part of the DAiSY Festival. (I think DAiSY stands for Disability Arts in Surrey.)

The day started with us watching some entertainment in the theatre foyer, including John Kelly who I knew from school (who introduced all of the events during the evening), and the Firestone Rock Band.

Then was a full rehearsal of Your Call for technical reasons. I forgot to say we arrived in our costumes. Next was the performance itself; I think it went well. Among the audience were my mother, and Mark and David.

After our performance we watched the rest of the night’s entertainment: dance groups Rhythmic Collision and StopGap, and two other Freewheeler items. They were Top Wheel, a spoof of Top Gear; in this Jamie interviewed Mick Scarlet, a disabled musician and campaigner; and then Shady Oaks, a comedy set in an old people’s home. It was very entertaining indeed.

In conclusion I enjoyed the whole event and I hope everyone else did too.

By Andy M.