We had a great time at the DAiSY Festival

We had a great time at the DAiSY Festival

Dear All
Here is my drama blog for today. We did a lot, so I will only include some of what we did.

We started in the morning with Brandon talking about the performances at the DAiSY Festival of Steep Rain and the Africa dance on Friday, and Your Call on Saturday. All went well; we also enjoyed the other entertainment for both nights. Then Viv said that on the Saturday a man called Nigel (who met up with some of us) might like to join us on Mondays, and that Wendy did well.

Next, Brandon said it we don’t have many for our Freewheelers productions, and suggested if we had a famous person, either as a patron or in a show, we might get more audience members. We all agreed.

Viv talked about Nimax Films, who were at the film preview of Love Is All You Need. She mentioned the plays they are involved in, including The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime; I have seen this, but the Freewheelers might go to watch it in London – I may go with them.

Terry told us she will not be coming till September, as she going to stay with her mum in Norfolk. Jamie told us that for some of the Freewheelers workshops during the DAiSY Festival, there was no one there.
Viv will be away from Wednesday week, and will not have her computer with her, so she mentioned events coming up like the filming of Steep Rain at Guildford Spectrum Leisure Centre in the summer; and Brandon talked about my play Lord Upright and Grovling. We are looking for venues to film in for this; we may film at the end of August or the beginning of September.
Then before break Brandon said we will not be meeting next week as it is a Bank Holiday, but will for the second one at the end of May. Then was lunch.
In the afternoon, we watched some films like one by Gary Thomas called The Dog at the Palace. It’s about a boy who writes a letter to the Queen to say how much he enjoyed the Paralympics, and he sent a stone dog to the Queen, who had one of her servants put it in front of Buckingham Palace for the parade of the Paralympians. It was very touching.
We saw other films by other companies, and one of the PIAW (or Play in a Week) at Leatherhead Theatre earlier in the year. Also one of the Trust Workshops in which I am narrating. I enjoyed today, and I think the rest did too.
From Andy M.