Filming Lord Upright and Grovling

Filming Lord Upright and Grovling

Dear All

today was Day 1 of the filming of my play, Lord Upright and Grovling. It was done at Starborough Manor in Edenbridge, Kent.

We started in the morning by changing into our costumes, then various scenes were filmed. Next was lunch.
In the afternoon, there was more filming of scenes, then we got changed back into our usual clothes.
Part 2 to follow tomorrow.


Dear All
Here is Part 2 of the filming of Lord Upright and Grovling at Starborough Manor, Edenbridge, Kent.
We started by getting into our costumes, then filmed some scenes including one with a White Rolls Royce which was very posh indeed!
Then we ate lunch.
In the afternoon, again more filming and then we got back into our normal clothes.
I really enjoyed seeing my play being filmed, although there is more to be done at the house. One of our volunteers, Pip, said this should be done at the end of October or beginning of November.
Andy M.