Theatre matters

Theatre matters

Dear All

Today in drama there were no visitors, and those not there were Sonas, Daniel and Andrea.

We started with Brandon telling us about the filming of Steep Rain on October 21st and 22nd at Guildford Spectrum Centre. So we will have to rehearse this later today.

Next, Brandon said we will have to get a Get Well card for Sonas later today. Then various members told of the play they saw on Saturday at the National Theatre, London. It was called The Up Down Boy, and was about a boy with learning disabilities who lives with his mother, who encourages him to go to College to be independent. He is reluctant as first, but I think he eventually goes. They all enjoyed watching it.

Brandon said he saw a show called The Odyssey at Brighton on Friday, and said it was very good. He also said that Warhorse in London is very entertaining, and encouraged those who had not seen it to do so.

I then mentioned that on Surprise Surprise on Sunday there was an item about the Mushroom Theatre Company, who have disabled and able-bodied members in it.

Then a Steep Rain rehearsal, followed by lunch. During the break, Brandon told us that the filming of my play Lord Upright and Grovling will now not be on October 11th and 12th, but November 8th and 9th instead; this is to be confirmed. It will be at volunteer Pip’s home.

We also signed Sonas’ Get Well card.

In the afternoon we started with a warm up, then another Steep Rain rehearsal. After this we all listened to some songs played by Brandon; they were: I’m a Gnu, sung by Flanders and Swan; and Digging a Hole, and Right Said Fred, both sung by Bernard Cribbins. Lastly we did a sketch in a bank involving all the members: this was very funny.

I really enjoyed today’s session and I hope everyone else did as well.

By Andy M.