Steep Rain rehearsals at the Spectrum Centre, Guildford

Steep Rain rehearsals at the Spectrum Centre, Guildford

Dear All

Today in drama was a Steep Rain filming special at the Spectrum Centre, Guildford.

Part 1.
Our visitor was Gary (photographer), and those not there were Anthony O’Sullivan, and Nigel and Terry, who arrived in the afternoon.

We started in the morning with walking on the white surface being used for filming, to make sure our shoes did not make a mark. Next, we rehearsed, and then filmed, the Clock scene loads of times because we did it properly, and for technical reasons, and using different camera lenses. We kept swapping between black and multi-coloured umbrellas. Next, we had lunch.

In the afternoon, we walked the beginning scene, followed by several others, again for technical problems, and using different lenses; followed by a group picture taken by Gary. After this, we filmed scenes we had done before for the reasons I mentioned before. Next, a scene was filmed where we marched in single file down the room on the white surface; and, finally, a scene only involving some members, only ambulant ones, not including myself.

Part two will be filmed tomorrow; I will send a review of this shortly after our return.

Andy M.