Filming Steep Rain, day 2

Filming Steep Rain, day 2

Dear All

Today was day 2 of the filming of Steep Rain at Guildford Spectrum Centre. The visitor was Ava (photographer). Those not there were Terry and Nigel. I helped unload some equipment from volunteer Pip’s car to be used later in the day. We started by filming some scenes, swapping multi-coloured umbrellas for black ones.

Next was lunch.
In the afternoon, we started by having a group photo amongst the coloured umbrellas. Next, a scene with the multi-coloured umbrellas, where we started by following Anna, with each of us having a number.

Then we did the same, but this time we all followed Anna altogether, without being given numbers. After which some of the group (no wheelchair users) walked around the white surface; also a few members, not including myself, walked in a circle around Anna.

All of these scenes were filmed by Chris Crane, and photographed by Ava, who also took the  photo of us all amongst the coloured umbrellas, and then one of the umbrellas on the floor without any group members around them.

Anna then did a scene on her own with a red umbrella; then Jamie and Richard did the same with black and multi-coloured umbrellas respectively.

Next, most of the group marched across the white surface from one end to the other, trying to keep up with each other; this took several filming attempts as we kept doing it wrong.  Then the final scene was filmed where we all held the coloured umbrellas, then lay them down on the white surface and walked out of shot. In the actual film this will have the finishing title sequence  with it.

Then a scene in which we surrounded Anna with black umbrellas, then swapped back the to multi-coloured ones, moving in and out from surrounding Anna.  Susan and I both thought this was a bit like a kaleidoscope. This was the final scene of the day.
The filming was done by photographer Chris Crane going up in a mechanical crane overseeing us all. Gary also did some filming.
I think the two days went well, and it was enjoyable but tiring, and I think everyone else would agree.
By Andy  M
There will be no blog next week (half term week) as I will be in Munich with my mum.