Remembrance and some drama work

Remembrance and some drama work

Dear All

Today in drama we had no visitors and everyone was there. I helped Brandon bring in some equipment. 

We started in the morning with myself thanking everyone involved in the filming of my play, Upright and Grovling, both at Starborough Manor in the summer, and at Pip’s house last Thursday and Friday.

Next, Viv said that we may be getting a little bit of funding soon to help with various workshops including: Trestle for Mask Work;  Little Nose for Comic Improvisation; Chris Crane for Foley Work (working with cameras); Andrea for Dance; and Brandon in divisional work, and other items. Plus loads of other people.

Next, a two minute silence. Then Viv suggested that seeing as next year is the Anniversary of both World Wars, we perform something on the theme of war.

Then we watched the film of Upright and Grovling at Pip’s home last Thursday and Friday. We laughed at it and people said ‘Well Done’. 

We then had lunch; during the break, a member watched the Upright and Grovling film again, because we all made too much noise the first time, which was distracting.

We had some cool down exercises, and also played a drama game where we had to pretend to be something for every letter of the alphabet; we got as far as the letter L.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed it today and I think the rest would agree. 

By Andy M.