Friends talking about theatre

Friends talking about theatre

Dear all

today in drama we had no visitors and everybody was there.   
We started with Viv bringing in a copy of the latest Freewheelers Newsletter (which is on our new website) and asked who had seen it yet? Not many members said ‘yes’, so Viv said we will have a look later on today. Next, Viv mentioned next year’s DAiSY Drama Festival at GLive; it will be in June, in Guildford.

Then we helped Brandon fill in a questionnaire on this event, about what we want it to involve. Soufyan then said he went to a Magic Show last week, and enjoyed it. 

Then Viv and Brandon talked about the play, The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time, at the Apollo Theatre in London next year. I said I had been before, and gave a brief outline of the story.  

Next we all talked about the lack of disabled actors in television, theatre and films.

Richard told us he saw Nigel last week, and he is missing us and wished us well.  Mathew James said he was in a Boccia Championships last week; Boccia is similar to bowling. He got to the semi-final stage; we were all pleased for him.  Next, Brandon said he went to the Oscar Bright Festival last week for disabled actors, and it went well.

Then we watched the film of Upright and Grovling, filmed by Chris Crane at Starborough Manor in the summer, and also Pip’s home two weeks ago; followed by Steep Rain at Guildford Spectrum last month. These are only rough copies, so will be changed before they are shown to the public sometime in the future. Next we ate lunch.

In the afternoon we started by all looking at the Freewheelers’ website on various computers.  Brandon guided us through this section by section. Then we had a cool down game, after which we continued the game we started last week: performing something for each letter of the alphabet for L to Z, and then back to A again.

Lastly Brandon told us that next week Tom Gray is coming for a rock and music session with everyone.  

In conclusion I really enjoyed it today and I everybody else agrees.

By Andy M.