Trestle Theatre Company

Trestle Theatre Company

Dear all 
Here is a review of Monday’s drama session; I will only mention some items as we did a lot.
The visitors were Emily from Trestle Theatre Company, and Helen, High Sheriff of Surrey. Everyone was there today.  
It was special session taken by Emily.  She started by talking about the history of the Trestle Theatre Company.  The first twenty-five years were all mask work. Then they developed with other companies to do Marshall Arts Dance, Drama, and other items.

Next, a warm up involving actions or movements for your name. Then we had an Indian story set in a jungle involving a hunter, various animals like a giraffe, elephant and zebra, plus others, then the same story with added music. Then we were animals and plants in the sea and going onto the land. Next onto Spanish flamenco dancing involving fans, after which we used the fans, but not as fans – we had to think of something else. We split into two groups for this; it was great fun.

We then got back together for a feedback session followed by a cool down. Next we had lunch, during which Pip the volunteer asked what some members thought of the workshop; most liked it, although some members found it difficult.   

During the afternoon Viv asked who was interested in seeing an opera of Hansel and Gretel in London later this week. We then listened to a song composed by Nick on last week’s Rock and Roll workshop with Thomas  Gray; he did two versions, and asked which we liked best.

Next, we talked about ‘BBC annunciation’, then we started recording sound effects for a radio play for one of the scenes in Upright and Grovling. Mathew James was the narrator; other members did the sound effects of the wind, lightening and werewolves. We will develop this. We finished with a cool down. 
In conclusion, I enjoyed it and I hope the rest agree. Next week there will be more work with Trestle. 
By Andy M.