Trestle Theatre and more drama games

Trestle Theatre and more drama games

Dear All

In drama today the only visitor was Emily from Trestle Theatre Company for her second workshop session after her visit last week. The only one not there was Terry, who came in the afternoon.   

We started with Emily talking about mime work, which we performed today, and mime artists like Marcel Marceau (a French clown), Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Rowan Atkinson, as well as people who use facial expression, like Lee Evans. Then Emily told us about ‘click action’ used in mime. 

Next we did some warm up games, involving various movements and actions. Soufyan said that they use some of these in the new Disney film, Frozen. Then we pretended we had a ‘ball of energy’, which we passed around the group. The ball was different sizes, depending on who had it.  

Next, we split into groups of nine and had to creep up behind Emily and dress in costumes, and perform a sketch to music, and the first to  touch Emily on her shoulder, won. 

Then we stayed in our costumes and had to do uncoordinated greetings. Next, in groups of six, we again dressed up and had to act with one group doing ‘sad news’ and the other group doing ‘exciting news’. 

We finished with a feedback session; it was then lunch. During the break, Terry came in. Pip, one of our volunteers, said that she and her husband Austin are doing a sponsored trek in Burma in February 2014 to raise money for the group. We were all pleased with this news.  

In the afternoon we started with Brandon saying that he visited St John’s School, Leatherhead, last Thursday because they are having The Freewheelers as their chosen charity next year. One of the events they are doing is a triathlon, and there are others.

We also heard from Brandon that as next week is the final one before we break up for Christmas, there will be parties on both Monday and Tuesday; there will also be a pantomime, so Luke T recorded his voice as a radio announcer for this. We said that we are coming to watch the show.  

Then we recorded sound effects for the radio play scene in Upright and Grovling. Lastly, Terry told us all that she has written a play  with a couple eating breakfast, and then the husband makes a shopping list with musical clues or sound effects for each item. 

I think we did other items but I cannot remember what they are at the moment. In conclusion, I think it went well today and hope the rest would agree.  

Andy M.