Merry Christmas everybody!

Merry Christmas everybody!

Dear All  

Here is today’s drama entry. I will only mention some of what we did as there was a lot; it was the last one before Christmas, and till January 2014

 In drama today the visitors were Amanda (singer) and Graham (music technology tutor); Brandon welcomed them. The people not there were Soufyan, and Dan and Andrea arrived later on.

We started with Graham talking about music for people with disabilities, including sound beams and special computer programmes  for disabled people, which was interesting.

Then Graham talked about wireless technology suitable for certain people; then he mentioned Apps that help, like GarageBand, Incomer, Incinerator, and ThumbJam, plus others. Then we looked into iPads; they might help some people.  

Next we had a go at some of the Apps I mentioned before. They were great fun and enjoyable.

Then we ate lunch. During the break Gillian (the Freewheelers’ fundraiser) arrived for our Xmas Party with some food which was nice; I gave out some Christmas cards before we started the session.  

In the afternoon it was Amanda’s turn for a workshop: we started with warm up exercises, then a vocal warm up. Then we sang the song The Lion Sleeps Tonight, in different sections.  Next, we all sang Let It Snow, starting together then separating out later on. That was the end of the workshops till next year.

I forgot to say Brandon talked about the  Christmas entertainment details for this week  and tomorrow’s Pantomime. Next, Brandon mentioned a play by one of our former members being performed in February 2014 in Brighton.

Then we watched a ‘flash mob’ filmed recently in South Africa for Nelson Mandela.  My mother arrived in the afternoon.

Finally we recorded the sound effects for a radio play for Upright and Grovling. My mum left after this. I said goodbye.  

I really  enjoyed it today and I hope everyone else did too.

Finally may I wish you all Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Andy M.