Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Dear All 
Today drama was the first for 2014. The visitor was Ray Watters (a drummer). Those not there were Zena, Soufyan and Luke H.  

We started with Brandon welcoming us back for 2014. Next we voted whether to except Zena as a member of the Monday group; we voted ‘yes’.

Then Viv talked about musician volunteer Amanda Shaw wanting to come to see the group; we decided that Tuesday afternoon was best.  Then Viv said the Youth Theatre group is starting tonight, and Brandon talked about Ray Watters’ drum workshop this afternoon, and other workshops next week, like Trestle for mime work and Small Nose for comic improvisation. 

He also talked about what we will do in the future, like Steep Rain and my play, Upright and Grovling. We need to do sound effects for the ‘Radio Play’ scene, and to develop it further: perhaps showing for fundraising night, or sending it to one of the television channels to develop (as Susan thought it was that good). Perhaps even have a Christmas Special for this year, where Lord Upright is asked by Davinia (or Lady Upiington), but wants to marry Betty the Maid instead. 

I think Brandon talked about shows we might like to see in the future, like The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime (after the theatre is safe, from the ceiling collapsing last year), and No Fish, a play in Brighton by former member Danny Brammer. 

Next Viv said the Freewheelers are twenty-five years old this year, and what to do about this. We said perhaps a meal somewhere might be good. We finished the morning with a Warm Up. 

In the afternoon, Ray Watters came for his drumming workshop, starting with him talking about the history of drumming, which was really interesting.

Then we did a warm up with rain sticks. Next was the drumming workshop itself, which we all enjoyed. I forgot to say, during his talk Ray mentioned rhythm, sound and pulse.

I really enjoyed it today and think the rest did too.  

Andy M.