Workshops and other business

Workshops and other business

Dear All 

Today in drama, the visitors were Emily (Trestle Theatre Company), Mark (Small Nose Comedy) and Tom Gray (musician).  Those not there were Viv and Terry. Daniel came later. 

We started with Mark talking about comedy; and he talked about how to make people laugh. Nick said he has a stand up comedy act, but it is rude!

Then we had a warm up with Emily and Tom. Next, we did some action and words to describe each of us, followed by a game where one person went out of the room and another one did a pose or action. The person who was out of the room had to guess what the other person’s pose was, by doing poses themselves and by the audience response of applause they had to guess how accurate they were. 

Next, we did some games as double acts, then some improvisation games. Next, a feedback session, followed by lunch. 

In the afternoon, we started with Soufyan saying that he went to the location where they used to film the television programme, Heartbeat.   We finished with rehearsing the sound effects for the radio play scene for Upright and Grovling, ready for next week when we actually record it for real.

In conclusion I really enjoyed it today and I hope the rest did as well.  

By Andy M.