More developments at The Bridge

More developments at The Bridge

Dear all

here is my latest news email. I may not enter everything but should include most items.

Today the visitors were Paul Webb (possible new member) and Aimee (trustee), who brought her young daughter with her. Everyone was there. 

We started with Brandon welcoming Paul Webb to the group. Then he talked about us rehearsing, and then recording, the radio play scene in my play Upright and Grovling. We will also have a look at Terry’s new radio play. Next, Brandon mentioned workshops we might like to do, like comedy, dance, drama, music, mime and others. Then Brandon talked about other items we may do in the future.

Next, Brandon asked who had written some love songs: Nick and Luke T said ‘yes’. Luke’s song is called Dear Johnny.

Andrea and Brandon then talked about what we might do next, and they both thought about theatres in the past; Andrea had seen an article about one in Shoreditch, London, and Brandon said he used to go to the old theatre in Leatherhead which had steps into it; there was a real life murder there of a Major by the local pub landlord! We said we will do a play based on their work. 

Then Brandon said he went the recording of the radio programme, I’m Sorry, I Haven’t A Clue, in Brighton. He said it was great fun, and the audience were given kazoos to play. Next, we rehearsed the radio play scene in Upright and Grovling, to be recorded in the afternoon. Then it was lunch.

In the afternoon, we split up: Brandon and Chris Crane took various members in little groups, or on their own, to record the radio play scene. Susan stayed with most of us to talk about how to develop the play on the old theatres, which Andrea looked into and Brandon used to visit. We said we will make links between 1914 and the present day, 2014; we will do more on this in future weeks.

Andrea took Zena and Richard for their dance practice; they then joined Susan’s group. We finished with reading through Terry’s radio play about a husband who remembers the shopping list through various visual and sound clues. We said it was a great start, but a bit difficult to perform on stage, so asked Terry to write it again; she said she would.

Brandon told us that next week musician Tom Gray will be here to do workshops with various members, and hopefully also music for Upright and Grovling.

In conclusion I really enjoyed it today and I think the rest did too.  

Andy M.