Music and new plays

Music and new plays

Dear all
Today in drama the only visitor was Tom Gray (musician), and the only person not coming was Andrea. 

We started with Brandon asking who had been out to a show or cinema recently: Soufyan saw the film The Railwayman; Richard watched a stage version of the television programme Happy Days, in Brighton; and Brandon also saw a show in Brighton, with his young son Sebastian. It was interactive, and set in space, and he said it was great fun to watch and take part in.

Then Brandon asked us to help with sponsoring volunteer Pip when she does a trek in Burma next month with her husband Austin and a friend; we said we would help out with this.

Next Viv told us we have three potential new patrons: Brian Nicholson, actress Susan Hampshire, and friend of the group, John Kelly, who I also know from school.

Then Pip mentioned her trek to Burma next month to raise money for the group, and asked if some of us could make a poster for it during the lunch break; we said we would do so. 

Next Brandon mentioned we will be talking about Wet and Cold, a new play. Brandon asked Zena and Richard about their dance with Andrea; they said it was set in a office, and Brandon said it might be involved in Wet and Cold. We then listened to the radio play scene from Upright and Grovling, recorded by Chris Crane last week, followed by Brandon reading through the new play Wet and Cold

Next, we rehearsed one of the opening scenes from the same play, involving black and coloured umbrellas coming up the room. 

We then had lunch. In the break, some helped Pip make the poster for her Burma trip; I found this great fun and I hope the others did too!

In the afternoon, we continued with the umbrella scene from Wet and Cold, but in different positions than before. Next, we did two sketches with various group members. The first was with a police officer discovering the body of a dead Major in a theatre by a pub landlord, and the other involving myself (as another Major) finding the body of one of his soldiers that he liked; these will both be involved in Wet and Cold.

Earlier, Tom had taken various members out to sing songs with him, one by one.  We listened to the results from their workshops: they were Richard, Mathew, Nick and Luke T, the last two of which asked the group to help develop their songs, as they both hope they may be in Wet and Cold; we did so.  I had a look at the poster we made earlier for Pip’s trip to Burma it looked good. 

In conclusion I really enjoyed today’s session and I hope everyone else did too.

Andy M.