Starting our new play…

Starting our new play…

Dear all

here is a review of today’s drama; I may not mention everything.

In the morning, the only visitor was Tom Gray (musician) and everyone was there.

We started with Brandon telling us we will be watching a film called Oh What A Lovely War later today, in relation to our new play, Cold and Wet.  Tom said he will taking away various members during the day. 

Pip then said that her husband Austin will now not be taking part in the Burma Trek to raise money for the group, as he has hurt his leg; so now she will be doing it with her friend Yvonne. They have already raised about £4000; we were pleased, and also there was a sponsor form for us to give money if we wished.

Then Andrea said there will be a dance workshop in Cobham on 27th February.  Richard said he is training to be a DJ, and also doing a sponsored walk to raise money for Cancer Research. 

Next, Tom told us he will doing some singing workshops with Nick and Luke T later today. Then we watched Oh What A Lovely War on a big screen, during which Tom had his singing workshops. We saw the film up to lunch; we will continue next week.  

In the afternoon, Pip said they had raised more money for the Burma Trek. Next, Tom said that Nick needed help with his song, that might be involved with Cold and Wet; we contributed words to the verses.

We then stayed with Tom to whisper, then sing, and shout, the words ‘Cold and Wet’. We did this all together, and then in groups. Next, we listened to Luke T’s song, Dear Johnny, which we might write into Cold and Wet. Then we watched Zena and Richard’s dance, with help from Andrea.

Lastly, we did some movements around the room for Cold and Wet, whilst Tom took Nick away to rewrite his song with our contributions from earlier in the afternoon.     

In conclusion I really thought it went well today I think the rest would agree.

Andy M.